BABY GLIDER offers you an excellent quality baby-polka to enjoy the winter family activities safely. Discover this unique sled that gives you the opportunity to practice cross-country skiing (classic or skating), snowshoeing and winter walks freely.

The kids are comfortably sitting in the inclined seat with the nylon seat cover and the windshield that protects them from bad weather. The parent pulls the polka gently since all the kickbacks are absorbed by the shock absorber system integrated inside the traction pole. Daddy, mommy, brother and sister can stay in good shape. Your youngest one follows along while opening its senses to the pleasure of being outdoors.

One Baby Glider includes:

Pulka: Ultra-sturdy high-density polyethylene sled.  Molded runners fit perfectly into standard-width tracks and allow optimum glide and stability.

Seat:  Insulated seat which can easily be adjusted at any angle from a lying-down to a seat-up position.  Designed with a five-point built-in harness and a reinforced back for child safety.

Cover: Removable weatherproof nylon cover for all conditions. The cover is adjustable and allows complete protection in case of bad weather.  Full-length two-way zip gives easy access to the child and to the front storage space.

 Windscreen: Resistant windscreen to protect the child from snow, wind, branches, ski poles, etc.

Pole: Aluminum pole with a unique built-in shock absorber system.  It can be dismantled in 2 pieces for easy storing. 

Belt: Adjustable belt connected to the pole by a flexible joint which provides to the skier a maximum of amplitude and freedom of movement

The cover, seat and windshield are removable for using the pulk for small expedition or for transporting various materials. 

Dimensions (in storage position): 46 ½’’ X 23 ½’’ X 9 ½


Approximated weight:15 lbs

Baby Glider sled

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